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Newdex, which consists of New and decentralized exchange. New means innovative,Therefore, Newdex defines a new generation of decentralized exchanges. Newdex is the world's first decentralized exchange based on EOS ecology, featuring security, transparency and speed, leading the industry to enter a wonderful new era of decentralized trading. By using blockchain technology, the trading information can be linked to realize the target of non-tampering of trading data, openness and transparency, real-time accessibility, and so on, making it impossible for exchanges to operate in the dark....

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Balance: 61,831
24H Users: 1,560
24H Tx: 51,214
24H Volume: $100,327,573
7D Tx: 311,118
7D Volume: $612,586,193
$100,327,573 Volume (24h)
51,214 Transactions (24h)
109,071 Avg EOS balance
Last 12h - 1h interval
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