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The ONLY gaming platform for all ERC20 Tokens is the only platform in the world that allows players to use Ethereum standard ERC20 tokens to play games. Multiple types of game platform provides games developed by third-party developers. We will set different standards to classify the game (for example, casino games must use public smart contracts to create random number, etc). Most games will use ERC20 tokens as the game currency and currently we open three types of games: Casino games Cards, roulette, lotto balls, dice and other types of casino games let players to use a short period of time for entertainment. This type of game must generate random numbers through open smart contracts to ensure the fairness of the game.In the process of playing the game, you need to wait for the transaction processing time of Ethereum. we strongly recommended that you can use's exclusive automatic betting function to shorten the waiting time. Casual games Casual games are comprehensive games. The gameplay is varied and does not necessarily use smart contracts (please refer to the description of each game). The game types include Html 5 web games, mobile games and client games. Web games only need to log in to to start playing games. Each game will offer different reward methods. When you reach the reward conditions, you can get ETH or ERC20 tokens. Multiplayer games A game specially designed according to the characteristics of Ethereum. Players need to compete at the same time or work together to complete the level to get rewards. The game categories include strategy games, table games, simulation games, card games, and forecast events etc.The back end of the game uses a blending mode of centralized computing and smart contract computing to improve the efficiency of the game. The core calculation of the game (winning and losing judgment, external data acquisition, random probability generation, etc.) and equity proof (game currency, character props, etc.) will be run on smart contracts to ensure that all players play in a fair and open environment.

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