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WhaleEx is the largest decentralized exchange in the world. We are determined to be the exchange with the highest liquidity. Providing secure asset custody, zero trading fee and instant withdrawal, WhaleEx offers user-friendly experience. WhaleEx is the best place to trade crypto. Deployed on EOS mainnet, WhaleEx is world's first exchange to implement multisig smart contract for decentralized asset custody. Any changes made to the smart contract and assets require approvals from WhaleEx, SlowMist and EOS block producers. This means that WhaleEx client assets will be safe even if our ...

Smart Contracts 1
  • Smart Contract #1
Balance: 193,013
24H Users: 0
24H Tx: 103,218
24H Volume: $476,741
7D Tx: 804,990
7D Volume: $926,005
$476,741 Volume (24h)
103,218 Transactions (24h)
224,727 Avg EOS balance
Last 12h - 1h interval
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